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  • 1966 Magazine

    1966 Magazine

    Sometimes to be successful you have to go off what you know. That is exactly the ethic Curlkalon Hair CEO Shavone Riggins put into action in order to build one of the most successful companies in today’s hair industry. A company that did in less than one year what many cannot achieve in half a decade...

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  • Rolling Out Magazine

    Rolling Out Magazine

    Shavone Riggins is no stranger to the problems that can arise from rocking natural hair. As the CEO of Curlkalon Hair, Riggins has found a way to turn those challenges into triumphs. She recently stopped by Rolling Out TV to share more insight into her blossoming...

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  • Hello Beautiful

    Hello Beautiful

    Shavone Riggins discovered the inspiration for her business while balancing her work and personal life. The mother of six (who doesn’t look a day over 30), would be boiling curls while tending to her children when she wondered why there wasn’t a product on the market that alleviated...

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  • Sheen Magazine

    Sheen Magazine

    From humble beginnings to running a multi-million dollar business, Shavone Riggins is the complete definition that absolutely ANYTHING is possible! She is a mother of six and is on a mission to take the hair world by storm. She knows the power of vision, and has gleaned massive results from hard work and dedication...

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  • Felicity Magazine

    Felicity Magazine

    Between being a mother to six children and the creator and CEO of Curlkalon Hair, to call Shavone Riggins superwoman is an understatement. After noticing a void in the synthetic hair market in 2015, she looked to her past experiences with hair to create a protective styling brand that provides pre-looped textured curls that are affordable, safe, and easy to install with little time commitment...

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  • Huffington Post

    Huffington Post

    Proper beauty preparation takes time but Shavone created a protective hair styling solutions brand that provides pre-looped, textured curls using the installation method of crochet braiding to achieve effortless hair styles. Curlkalon speeds up beauty preparation time while creating a stunning and sexy extra glam for your new dating experiences...

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I tend to spread and sprinkle the spirit of "yes you can, you got this" through all I do and those I touch! I know the odds of beating what seems like your presented reality versus what's on the other side of greatness. I hope to empower, inspire and motivate you into your purpose through my story of perseverance, determination, and faith as the "Girl Behind the Curl"!